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 The Art of the Yiddish Theatre Ads
34 Advertisements from 1920-21 editions of the Jewish Morning Journal
Manhattan and Brooklyn


At the Lyric Theatre in Brooklyn, on October 12, 1921, you can see above that there was a production of "Yente Telebende."
Some of the characters of the play are illustrated here, e.g. Mendil, Pine, Fishl Dovid, Nakhum Knish, and of course, Yente.
Also it states that tickets are available six weeeks in advance to see and hear the cantorials of the "Shvartser Khazn."
The play was written by "B. Kovner," which was the pseudonym for Jacob Adler (not Jacob P. Adler). Music by L. Cohen, lyrics by Jacob Jacobs.
Most all of the Lyric Theatre troupe appeared in this production, i.e. Benny Adler, Meyer Braff, Rosetta Conn, Morris Dorf, Sidney Charles Friedman, Samuel Goldberg, Abe Hart, Anna Hoffman, Jacob Jacobs, Yetta Kaner, Ella Kaner?, Paulina Offerman, Paulina, Tania Poland, Max Rosenblatt, Joseph Tanzman, Ella Wallerstein and Anna Zeeman.

Here you can see fifteen members of the cast, who are identified. The play is called, "The Bride's Past," which was written by Samuel Cohen. Music by Joseph Tanzman. It opened at Brooklyn's Lyric Theatre on October 3, 1921. The actors and actresses represented in the advertisement above include (from left to right): Morris Dorv, Max Rosenblatt, Peter Graf, Yetta Kaner, Ella Kanner, Samuel Goldberg, Sidney Charles Friedman, Abe Hart, Paulina Hofferman, Joseph Tanzman, Tania Poland, Anna Ziman, Ella Wallerstein, Benny Adler, and Rosetta Conn.

At Kessler's Second Avenue Theatre, "Alma, Where Do You Live," which opened on January 6, 1920, starring Samuel Rosenstein.

At the Second Avenue Theatre, an "evening-of-honor" for their treasurer Willy Pasternak, on February 10, 1920. They put on the play by the writer August Strindberg, "The Father," with Samuel Goldinburg in the title role.

At the Second Avenue Theatre, they held an "evening-of-honor" for composer and orchestra leader Joseph Rumshinsky, who wrote the music for the show, "The Rabbi's Melody," which took place on January 13, 1920. The artist for this graphic is "Marko." Who knows what his full name is?

At the Second Avenue Theatre, an ad for "Grandma's Inheritance," January-February 1921, with Ludwig Satz (who plays the actress), Regina Prager, Rosa Karp et al.

At the Second Avenue Theatre, beginning on the first day of Passover, April 3, 1920, Edwin A. Relkin presented his "$150,000" production, with 100 people on the stage. "Experience" was an allegorical,
morality play and was translated into Yiddish.

At the People's Theatre, "Jennie Running for Mayor,"
with Bessie Thomashefsky, September 24, 1920.

At Kessler's Second Avenue Theatre, October 1, 1920,
"The Stepchild of the World," music by Joseph Rumshinsky.

At the Second Avenue Theatre, Samuel Goldinburg and Ludwig Satz also starred in "A Sister's Sacrifice," in Oct.-Nov. 1920.

at Gabel's Theatre, November 1920

"Ellis Island," Brooklyn's Liberty Theatre, December 1920

At Kessler's Second Avenue Theatre, January 6, 1921, "Farvorfn vinkl (Faraway Corner)" by Peretz Hirschbein, with Ludwig Satz and Celia Adler

"On the Ladder of Life" at Gabel's Theatre, December 1920

At NYC's Irving Place Theatre, the play "Devilish Love" with Maurice Schwartz was staged and shown on January 18, 1921. This was a ceremonial evening for their cashier, Martin Schwartz (the adopted son of Maurice Schwartz).

At Kessler's Second Avenue Theatre on January 20, 1921,
there was another evening-of-honor for Willy Pasternak.
The famous work by Jacob Gordin, "God, Man and Devil,"
was performed, starring Kalmen Juvelier as Hershele Dubrovner, Samuel Goldinburg as Uriel Mazik (the Devil), and Ludwig Satz, as Leyzer Badkhan. That should have been some program!

Two Yiddish versions of Shakespeare's "Hamlet."
Above: at NYC's Irving Place Theatre with Samuel Goldinburg in the title role (March 18, 1920). Right: Samuel Rosenstein in the title role of "Hamlet" at Thomashefsky's National Theatre (February 3, 1921).

above: "The Jewish Star" at Brooklyn's Liberty Theatre, February 1921,
produced by Sigmund Weintraub. Written by Harry Kaufman, music by Herman Wohl.

right: Jennie Goldstein starred as Ella in "Childhood Years" at Gabel's Theatre in NYC. The play was written by Max Gabel and opened sometime in January 1921.

A nice caricature of Yiddish comic Berl Bernstein, who appeared in the play, "Oyf der elter (Old Age)," which played on March 10, 1921 at Thomashefsky's National Theatre in New York City.

At the Liberty Theatre in Brooklyn, "Love and Happiness," opened on April 23, 1921, in honor of Passover, with Sigmund Weintraub et al. Book by Shlomo Steinberg, music by Herman Wohl.

"Get Married," a musical comedy with a symphony orchestra, which opened in April 1921 at David Kessler's Second Avenue Theatre. With Ludwig Satz and Regina Prager. Music by Joseph Rumshinsky.

"Love and Passion" at Gabel's Theatre in NYC, which played in May of 1921 and starred Mae Simon and Isidore Hollander.

At the Second Avenue Theatre, there was staged a production entitled, "The Russian Princess," with Matilda St. Clair in the title role. Sept. 1921.

"Jakele Blofer" played at Brooklyn's Liberty Theatre on October 1, 1921. Here Clara Young plays the title role. Music by Sholom Secunda. Alsow ith Bernard Young.

At the Second Avenue Theatre in October 1921 there was staged
Hello, Shmendrik," written by Willie Siegel. It starred Regina Prager and Samuel Rosenstein, Kalmen Juvelier, Lazar Freed, Sam Kestin et al.
The music was composed by Joseph Rumshinsky.

At the Lenox Theatre in October 1921, the play "Khayim Khaykl the Matchmaker" opened, starring the dual duos of Nathan and Rose Goldberg, and Jacob and Bettie Jacobs. 60 laughs a minute!

At the Second Avenue Theatre, "From Downtown to the Bronx" opened on December 2, 1921. It was written by Harry Kalmanowitz, and Joseph Rumshinsky wrote the music. With Sam Kasten, Muni Weisenfreund (aka Paul Muni) et al.

The great Aaron Lebedeff starred here in "Yoshke Khvat" (by Isidore Lash, music by Herman Wohl.) It opened on October 29, 1921. At Thomashefsky's National Theatre.

At the Second Avenue Theatre, the play, "Der rebe hot geheysn freylekh zayn," which opened on December 23, 1921. Music by Joseph Rumshinsky.

Maurice Schwartz and his Yiddish Art Theatre staged Ansky's "The Dybbuk" at their 27th Street theatre.

"Three Persons with One Face," at Brooklyn's Hopkinson Theatre, December 30, 1921, with Fishl Singer et al.

"In a World of Sin," at NYC's Lipzin's Theatre, by Isidor Solotorefsky. It opened on December 20, 1921 and starred Jennie Valiere.








Ads from the Jewish Morning Journal.

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