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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"The Chalk Circle"
at theYiddish Art Theatre

The opening performance was on Thursday, December 24, 1925.
The advertisement below appeared in the January 10, 1926 edition of the Forward.


"THE CHALK CIRCLE (Der krayd-tsirkl)," at the Yiddish Art Theatre (Nora Bayes), 44th Street, West of Broadway, New York, New York.

Scenes from "The Chalk Circle." Now playing every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evenings at the Jewish (Yiddish) Art Theatre.


Row 1, left to right:

1. Mark Schweid as the revolutionary Tschang Ling, who wants to free China from bribed judges and capitalists.
2. Bella Bellarina, as Ma's wife, played .... with a strange manner, who poisoned her husband in order to seduce him.
3. Izidor Casher, as Tong, who has a merry tea house, and in order that the male guests not be jealous, he makes a very small operation.
4. Leah Rosen, as Chang Haitang, who dreams of a prince and is sold by her mother in a tea house due to need and hunger.
5a, top: Maurice Schwartz, as the chabarnik judge Tschu-Tschu, who spends the night with the girls in the tea house, and during the day he judges him to eat rice [awk.]
5b, below 5a: Abraham Teitelbaum, as the court clerk, Mishe Ho Ha, who owes God his soul and loves foreign wives.
5c, below 5b: Jacob Mestel and Ben-Zion Katz, as the two stage Kooney Lemels who eat rice and speak lies for sweets.
5d, below 5c: Moshe Strassberg, as the bartender Tschang, has complaints about the world.
6, to the left of 5a, b and c: A scene in the tea house where the prince and Mr. Ma conduct an auction, in order to sell the small Haitang as a slave.
7, to the right of 5b: In the tea house, the Prince Pao falls in love with the orphan Tchang Haitang.
8, to the right of 5d: As the tax official Ma dies from poison that his first wife gave him in his tea house.

Bottom row, center: The tax official Ma breaks through the wall in the tea house after Haitang's father hung himself on his door.
Bottom row, right: The prince Pao tells both mothers to put the child in the chalk circle, and who will be the first to take that mother out?

Chinese drama by Klabund.
Yiddish -- M.L. Halpern.
Stage direction -- Maurice Schwartz.
Sets -- Y. Foshko
Music -- Peter Engels


Tang ... Izidor Casher
Tschang's wife ... Miriam Elias
Tschang Haitang ... Leah Rosen
Tschang-Ling ... Mark Schweid
Pao ... Lazar Freed
Ma ... Ben-Zvi Baratov
Ma's wife ... Bella Bellarina
Misha-a ... Abraham Teitelbaum
Heb-Am ... Anna Teitelbaum
1st carrier ... Jacob Mestel
2nd carrier ... Ben-Zion Katz
Bartender ... Moshe Strassberg








List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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