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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"The Eternal Fools"
at the Irving Place Theatre

The opening performance was on Friday, October 31, 1924.
The full-page advertisement for the show appeared in the November 30, 1924 edition of the Forward.
A second such ad appeared on January 4, 1925, also in the Forward.

A deserved success! "ETERNAL FOOLS (Eybige naronim)," in four acts by Harry Kalmanowitz, is praised by critics of every Yiddish newspaper as a highly interesting moral play of real life.
A true success! "Eternal Fools" is a lesson for parents as to how to educate their children -- and also it is a lesson for children as to how to protect and honor their father.

Ludwig Satz -- Max Rosenthal in their new, wonderful art roles.

Now playing every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening, in the Irving Place Theatre, which is located on 14th Street and Irving Place.
Telephone: Stuyvesant 6918. S. Lowenfield, manager. Max Rosenthal, regisseur (stage manager). With the cooperation of the entire company.

1. "You want gratitude from your children? What thanks have you given me, your father, for giving up my strength for you? I'm a fool, and you are a fool. We are the eternal fools." -- The pathetic scene is wonderfully portrayed by Ludwig Satz and Max Rosenthal in the last act of "The Eternal Fools," which is now playing at the Irving Place Theatre.

2. "Oh, you little mashenik. You gave me the good tithe and we gave all five girls. To what are they suitable for me? I do not think I will marry again." -- The greatest comical scene that is seen in Yiddish theatre. Played by Ludwig Satz and Izele Goldstein, in "The Eternal Fools," in the Irving Place Theatre.

3. Ludwig Satz, as the happy, old-world grandfather, Arye Leib. He sings his own composed song, "Oy, I am a Fool," and he is called out from the audience countless times.

4. "See children, what a precious guest we have. We did not look at him at all." -- A wonderful, tragic scene in the last act of "The Eternal Fools," which will be played in the Irving Place Theatre.

5. "For my labor. Everything was bought here at home for my heroine!," cries the offended father, who is ashamed of his children. In the scene there is participating: Ludwig Satz, Mr. and Mrs. Max Rosenthal, Fannie Lubritsky, Ray Schneier, Bella Finkel, Jacob Wexler, Aaron Soffe, Zvi Scooler. See it in "The Eternal Fools," which plays with great success in the Irving Place Theatre.

6. "You want to do the same stupidity I did fifty years ago. Do you also believe in the folly of love? -- Papa loves Mama. -- Mama loves Papa." The scene is filled with ... humor. Performed by Ludwig Satz, Sabina Rosenthal and Jacob Wexler.

7. "My son, everyone has left you. You are alone. But your old father is with you. I feel your pain, your torments." -- A touching scene played by Ludwig Satz and Max Rosenthal, in "The Eternal Fools," which will play with great success for an enthusiastic public in the Irving Place Theatre.







List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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