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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"The Girl of Today"
at the People's Theatre

The opening performance was on Friday, January 2, 1925.
The advertisement for this play was published in the March 1, 1925 edition of the Forward.
There was another large advertisement for this play in the May 3, 1915 edition of the Forward.

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Gabel's Peoples Theatre, 201 Bowery, Telephone: Drydock 0858.
Max Gabel presents Jennie Goldstein in a new dramatic part as "Tessie" in "
THE GIRL OF TODAY (Hayntige meydlekh)," by William Siegel, produced by Max Gabel, music by Herman Wohl.
Now playing every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening.

Left to right, first row:
1. Jennie Goldstein, star of "The Girl of Today."
2. Jennie Goldstein as Tessie, the "kid."
3. Tessie: "I can't live without it. I must have cocaine."
4. Jennie Goldstein as the bride -- a scene in the 3rd act.
5. Max Gabel, producer of "The Girl of Today."

Second row:
1. Tessie: "I am all right, officer. I am not drunk."
2. Closing scene of the 3rd act.
3. Closing scene of the 1st act.

Third row:
1. 1st act: Tessie, "Oh, I never want to see him again."
2. "Oh, Tessie dear. How I long for the golden school days."
3. 2nd act: "God! You, my Tessie, in such a state!"
4. 3rd act: Aleck: "You will keep still, or I'll ..."
5. A scene of Act 2: Tessie is brought to the hospital, wounded.

Left side vertical panel:
Every Saturday matinee. The best seats in the house. 50c, $1.00, $1.50.
Parents shall not fail to see "The Girl of Today."
Girls should not fail to see "The Girl of Today."
Boys shall take their sweethearts to see "The Girl of Today."
A tear and a laugh when you see "The Girl of Today."
The greatest success, the real sensation of New York, is "The Girl of Today."
See Jennie Goldstein as "Tessie" in "The Girl of Today."



I. Lobel, as Professor Ebbing
H. Kay, as a policeman
H. Kasmirsky, as a hospital attendant
A. Shafer, as Dr. Gladstone
H. David, as an intern
Jacob Hochstein, as Tessie's father
Berl Bernardi, as Schloime Itse.
Charlie Cohen, as Dr. Blum
Peter Graf, as Moshke Latutnick
William Epstein, as Alex the flirt.
Jennie Goldstein, as "Tessie"
Max Rosenblatt, as Dr. Ben Liebman
Mme. Schwartz, as the head nurse
Miss (Birdie?) Schargel, as a nurse
Gussie Jouvelier, as Miss Myer, a nurse
Miss Altman, as Miss Klein, a nurse
Esther Salzman, as "Feivke"
Bessie Mogulesco, as Francis
Sarah Filler, as Saltsche Latutnick
Francis Sincoff, as "Riba my gold"
Mary Wilensky, as Tessie's mother.







List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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