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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"The Golden Soldier"
at the Liberty Theatre

The opening performance was on Tuesday, September 28, 1925.
The advertisement appeared in the Forward on November 1, 1925.

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"THE GOLDEN SOLDIER (Di goldener soldat)." Tickets four weeks in advance. At the Liberty Theatre, Liberty and Stone Avenues Brooklyn. Telephone: Dickens 5236.

CAPTIONS, Top row of photographs, left to right:
1. Michal Michalesko, David Levenson, Anna Levin and Annie Lillian -- a serious scene in the 1st act of the beautiful operetta, "The Golden Soldier." Played in the Liberty Theatre, Brownsville.
2. Zina Goldstein, as "Rosita," in one of the wonderful scenes of "The Golden Soldier," played in the Liberty Theatre, Brownsville.
3. William Rolland, General Manager of the Liberty Theatre, Brownsville. Thanks to him the Liberty Theatre has become to most popular Yiddish theatre in America.
4. Alexander (Shura) Olshanetsky, composer of the wonderful music to "The Golden Soldier," and other operettas. The new star of the ... world.
5. Michal Michalesko, director and main star of the Liberty Theatre, Brownsville. -- The most popular and beloved actor on the Yiddish stage.
6. Michal Michalesko, as the "golden soldier," in the wonderful musical production, which is now playing in the Liberty Theatre, Brownsville.
7. Max Badin, Annie Lillian, Max Bulman, Clara Gold, Pesach'ke Burstein, Annie Lubin, in a comical sextet in the 2nd act of "The Golden Soldier."

Second row, left to right:
1. Michal Michalesko and chorus in this six-nation song. -- Wonder, beautiful scene of "The Golden Soldier" -- now playing at the Liberty Theatre.
2. Cameo: It looks serious, but nevertheless the audience cooks with laughter at the scene from "The Golden Soldier," with Michal Michalesko, Max Badin and Pesach'ke Burstein.
3. Performance of Michal Michalesko on a horse, in the most beautiful and richest production, "The Golden Soldier," playing in the Liberty Theatre.
4. Cameo: Pesach'ke Burstein and Annie Lubin, a volcanic pair in a "Charleston duet" in "The Golden Soldier."
5. A happy, carefree group of soldiers and young girls, with Annie Lubin and Pesach'ke Burstein in the great musical success of this season, "The Golden Soldier."

Third row, left to right:
1. Max Bulman, Pesach'ke Burstein and Max Badin, three heroic soldiers.  -- Very comical trio in the most handsome and rich of all the operettas, "The Golden Soldier."
2. Two loving hearts separate -- wonderful, beautiful closing of the 1st act of the success of all successes, "The Golden Soldier," in the Liberty Theatre in Brownsville.
3. Cameo: Michal Michalesko and Zina Goldstein sing the love duet in "The Golden Soldier," the most beautiful thing you have ever heard.
4. How do you like the trio? On all the "childless men" it was said. -- Annie Lubin, Michal Michalesko and Annie Lubin in "The Golden Soldier" in the Liberty Theatre.
5. Michal Michalesko as the leader of a jazz band with the Charleston girls. -- A remarkably beautiful image from "The Golden Soldier," now playing in the Liberty Theatre, Brownsville.
6. Michal Michalesko in an impressive scene in the 2nd act as "the golden soldier," handsome elegant and gracious. Now playing at the Liberty Theatre, Brownsville.

Fourth row, left to right:
1. Michal Michalesko poses with his true bride, Zina Goldstein. -- The entire ensemble at the closing of the 2nd act of "The Golden Soldier."
2. Soldiers and young girls greet the arrival of their darling "Frank" (Michal Michalesko), a glorious image that you will never forget.
3. A rich and impressive image in the 3rd act of the sensational musical production, "The Golden Soldier," playing with great success in the Liberty Theatre.

Fifth row, left to right:
1. Cameo: Dan Dowdy, Broadway producer, who arranged the wonderfully gracious dances to "The Golden Soldier."
2. Zina Goldstein, Annie Lubin and ten girls in bathing suits. -- A beautiful image in the 1st act of "The Golden Soldier," now playing at the Liberty Theatre, Brownsville.
3. Annie Lillian and chorus of servants and attendants. -- The beginning of the 2nd act of "The Golden Soldier," the greatest and most beautiful operetta on the Yiddish stage.
4. Louis Freiman, very successful playwright, author of the libretto of "The Golden Soldier," and many other successful plays.

What the press critics say about "The Golden Soldier":

Hillel Rogoff:
"The Golden Soldier," the operetta that is playing at the Liberty Theatre, Brownsville, is a Broadway-Yiddish operetta.

"The main thing in an operetta are the furnishings, the music, the chorus, the songs, and the voices, and the playing of the actors and actresses. And in all respects, "The Golden Soldier" is a 'hit.' The stage is beautifully furnished with beautiful effects. Olshanetsky's music is sweet and heartfelt, and the first scenes are lively and cheerful in the happy scenes, and are 'catchy,' infectious in the naughty scenes. The melody of the song, 'Du bizt mayn basherter, mayn bagehrter,' which runs through all a leit-motif, through the entire play. (It is sung by Michalesko, together with Zina Goldstein, in a wonderful scene.) With such a melody, Olshanetsky should not be ashamed, in fact, of the most successful operetta writer on Broadway."

Alef-Alef of the "Morning Journal":
The operetta, "The Golden Soldier," in the Liberty Theatre, has everything in a wide scope: the furnishings and sets; rich, facilitating the most beautiful for which a Yiddish operetta has been awarded; the music is very successful in its lightness; the playing is played with excellence. Even the chorus is filled with young, beautiful girls who are great news for the operetta stage of ours.

L. Kesner in "Tageblatt":
"The operetta, 'The Golden Soldier,' is really worth it, that the Brownsville Jews should strip him of his last shirt ... -- Everything was like an operetta. Brilliant, brilliant. A little sad. A lot happy. A mass of youth throw themselves onto your eyes. A young, beautiful chorus. among them several excellent solo dancers, young forces among the actors. And across everything, the fresh, young music of the young accompanist, Alexander Olshanetsky."

Layla Starken in "The Graphic" (English):
The sets and furnishings of "The Golden Soldier" are wonderfully beautiful. You will sing the music at least for week after. Everything is placed on a wide scope. One has not seen this yet on the Yiddish stage. It is really that Broadway has come to Brownsville.

Big Ben in "Di naye varhayt":
"The Golden Soldier" is a very good operetta, finely played and richly equipped.

Notice! Very important news about entire benefits and tickets. Turn to the office of General Manager William Rolland.





List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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