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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"The Great Moment"
at the People's Theatre

The opening performance was on Tuesday, September 11, 1923.
The advertisement for this play was published in the February 17, 1924 edition of the Forward.

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Portraits and scenes of Max Gabel's "The Great Moment (Groysen Moment)" at Gabel's Peoples Theatre. Now being played every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, also holidays, matinee and evenings.

The Greatest Sensation of the Jewish Stage For the Last Twenty-Five Years.

Scenes and Types of "The Great Moment":

1. Jennie Goldstein, as Mollie Finkelberg, the rejected bride.

2. Mme. Wilensky, as the Eternal Mother.

3. Max Gabel and Jennie Goldstein in the most thrilling scene of the Great Moment.

4. Mr. Hochstein paying the price of his folly.

5. Max Gabel as Dr. Baer, the psychologist.

6. Mr. Peter Graf, who is convinced he is desperately ill.

7. Mme. Offerman, as the vampire and destroyer of homes.

8. Mr. William Schwartz passionately in love with his wife.

9. Charles Cohan, as the Sporty Youth.

10. Mr. Epstein, as the Governor of the State of New York.

11. Frances Sincoff, as the young coquette who belies her youth.

12. Sarah Filler, as the old coquette who wishes to belie her age.

13. Esther Gold, as the Matron of Sing-Sing.

14. Mr. Cruse, as the Warden of Sing-Sing.

15. Mr. Bernardi, as the House Physician.

16. Joe Strauss, as the keeper in Sing-Sing.









List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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