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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"The Gypsy Prince"
at the Lenox Theatre

The opening performance was on Friday, February 6, 1925.
This full-page advertisement appeared in the Forward on March 8, 1925.



Images and scenes from the beautiful and best Yiddish operetta, "THE GYPSY PRINCE (Der tsigayner prints)," that will play at Goldberg's and Jacob's Lenox Theatre, Lenox Avenue, corner of 111th Street. Telephone: Monument 3400.
Playing every Friday evening Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening.
Nathan Goldberg, Rose Goldberg, Jacob Jacobs, Bettie Jacobs, Matilda St. Clair, Kadie Kaplan, Sarah Krohner, Bennie Zeidman, Simon Wolf, Philip Maltz, Alex Lifschitz and Harry Feld -- in Alexander Olshanetsky's new, great operetta. Libretto by William Siegel. Twenty numbers of true-hearted Yiddish music, with a large chorus and large orchestra.

CAPTIONS, Left to right:

Row 1:
1. Mr. Jacobs and Miss Kaplan in a very comical scene.
2. Jacob Jacobs in a highly comedic role as Yosl.
3. Bettie Jacobs, who plays the role of the unhappy mother.
4. Nathan Goldberg, who plays the main role of the gypsy prince.
5. "My gypsy prince, I love you, and I want your love forever." -- a romantic love scene between Nathan Goldberg and Matilda St. Clair in the 2nd act of "The Gypsy Prince."

Row 2:
1. William Siegel, the young and successful playwright of the Yiddish theatre.
2. Alexander Olshanetsky, the successful composer of the Lenox Theatre, has composed twenty sweet song numbers.

Row 3:
1. "My son, don't you recognize me? That I am your mother." -- A very touching scene at the close of the 2nd act. Played by Nathan Goldberg, Bettie Jacobs, Matilda St. Clair and Harry Feld.
2. "Our love will bloom in December, like it blooms now in May." -- A very beautiful love scene between Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg in the 1st act of the beautiful operetta, "The Gypsy Prince."

Row 4:
1. "My child, don't forget me. I will pray for you." -- Scene between Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg and Mrs. Jacobs.
2. "My dear mother and my dear bride, I will never forget you." -- A very impressive scene on the ship before Daniel goes away. -- At the close of the 1st act of "The Gypsy Prince."

Row 5:
1. "You have taken my gypsy prince from me, and I will take his love from you." -- Scene between Mrs. Goldberg and Miss Saint Clair.
2. Marianna, who is she? "I do not know her." -- A very touching scene in the 2nd act. Played by Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg and Miss St. Clair.
3. "Look at the face! -- To hell with the face. Look at the size!" -- A very comical scene played by Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Wolf and Mrs. Krohner in the 2nd act of "The Gypsy Prince."





List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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