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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"Hello Molly"
at the Second Avenue Theatre

The opening performance was on Friday, December 28, 1928.
The advertisement below appeared in the Forward of January 20, 1929.

"HELLO, MOLLY (Helo mali)," at Kessler's Second Avenue Theatre, 35 Second Avenue, corner of 2nd Street. Telephone: Drydock 1643-4315.
Where one goes and where one stands, one hears everyone in one shout. Go see "Hello, Molly."
Molly Picon in Joseph Rumshinsky and Jacob Kalich's "Hello, Molly," the greatest sensation -- the best plot, most beautiful music, and the richest furnishings that exists on the Yiddish stage! Now playing every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening. Every Saturday matinee, ladies free!

Cameos, top: Jacob Kalich, Molly Picon and Joseph Rumshinsky.

CAPTIONS, left to right:

Row 1:
1. Molly Picon, as peacemaker among her parents.
2. Molly Picon and the "Hula" dancers, with their ukuleles.
3. Gertie Bulman in a beautiful scene in the 1st act of "Hello, Molly."
4. Becky (Clara Honigman), Yankel (Leon Charaz), Mae (Gertie Bulman), Molly (Molly Picon), Yosele (Max Wilner), in an interesting scene in the 1st act.

Row 2:
1. Molly Picon, as Eddie Cantor and the Whoopee Girls.
2. Molly Picon as the flapper girl.
3. Molly Picon, Betty Simonoff and Sam Kasten, in a love scene.
4. Molly Picon, as Eddie Cantor.
5. Molly Picon, as Molly.
6. Molly Picon in a scene of the 2nd act.

Row 3:
1. Molly Picon, Herman Serotsky and Rose Greenfield in a comic scene.
2. Molly Picon as an old-fashioned mother.
3. Molly Picon and Rose Greenfield.
4. Molly Picon shakes hands with the public, and everybody yells, "Hello, Molly!".

Row 4:
1. Molly Picon and Sam Kasten in a very beautiful scene.
2. Molly Picon and the girls in the 2nd act.
3. Molly Picon, as the Hawaiian dancer.
4. Father and son meet in a Romanian cabaret.
5. Molly Picon, Kasten, Rose Greenfield and Irving Grossman at the end of the 2nd act.
6. Molly Picon's return from college.

Libretto by Sheine Rokhl Simkoff. Under the musical direction of Joseph Rumshinsky, staged by Jacob Kalich. Dance arranged by Miss Roza Gordon.
Irving Grossman in a new singing role, as Harry. Sam Kasten, in a new character-comic role as Mr. Springer.

Personnel of "Hello, Molly":
1. Sam Kasten as Mr. Springer.
2. Rose Greenfield as Mrs. Springer.
3. Molly Picon as Molly, their daughter.
4. Max Wilner as Yosele, their son.
5. Leon Charaz as Yankl.
6. Clara Honigman as Becky.
7. Irving Grossman as Harry.
8. Gertrude Bulman as Mae.
9. Herman Serotsky as a lawyer.
10. Max Rosenblatt as Senior Rosen.
11. Betty Simonoff as Princess.
12. Sam Levin as a waiter.

Max Wilner in a buff-comic role as Yosele.

The 1st act takes place in the Catskill Mountains. The 2nd act takes place in a Romanian inn.






List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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