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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"In the Garden of Love"
at the National Theatre

The opening performance was on Friday, December 3, 1926.
The advertisement below appeared in the Forward on January 23, 1927.

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"IN THE GARDEN OF LOVE (In gortn fun libe)," at Goldberg's and Jacobs' National Theatre, at Second Avenue and East Houston street. Telephone: Orchard 2612.

Samuel Goldinburg, Director; Harry Katz, General Manager; Jean Greenfield, Manager.

Libretto by William Siegel and Harry Kalmanowitz; lyrics by Jacob Jacobs. Dances by Broadway's famous dance master, Jack Boyle, and Hymie Jacobson. Saturday the matinees are free for ladies!

10th week! The most beautiful and unique operetta in the Yiddish theatre this year! Laugh! Sing! Dance! Alexander Olshanetsky's great musical production.

Now playing the greatest musical comedy, "In the Garden of Love," every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening.

What Ab. Cahan, the editor of the "Forward," has said about "In the Garden of Love":

"Lots to laugh about and forget that there is trouble in the world One needs to see "In the Garden of Love." The audience cooks with laughter; the theatre explodes all the while with happiness. They laugh with their entire heart, with all their power; with each scene the theatre storms with laughter for ten minutes after."

CAPTIONS, left to right:

Row 1:
1. Hymie Jacobson as Robert, Fannie Lubritsky as Zisele. In a scene from the 2nd act of "In the Garden of Love."
2. Bella Mysell as Sonia.
3. Jacob Jacobs.
4. Alexander Olshanetsky.
5. Harry Kalmanowitz.
6. Samuel Goldinburg.
7. William Siegel.
8. Harry Katz.
9. Nathan Goldberg.
10. Jacob Jacobs, as "Getsil Dovid," and Bettie Jacobs as "Sarah Nitse," in a scene from the first act.
11. Samuel Goldinburg, as Misha, the kapelmeister.

Row 2:
1. Jacob Jacobs and Chaim Schneyer in a very comical scene in the 1st act of "In the Garden of Love."
2. Samuel Goldinburg, Jacob Jacobs in an interesting scene from the 2nd act.
3. Samuel Goldinburg and Bella Mysell in a love scene in the first act.
4. Bella Mysell as Sonia, together with the girl chorus in the 2nd act, when she sings the song, "In the Garden of Love."

Left vertical column:
1. Rose Greenfield.
2. Bettie Jacobs.
3. Bella Mysell.
4. Ella Ziebel.

Row 3:
1. The last scene of the 2nd act of the wonderful operetta, "In the Garden of Love." Right to left: Jacob Jacobs, Bettie Jacobs, Max Rosenblatt, Chaim Schneyer, Bella Mysell, Samuel Goldinburg, Philip Maltz, Bennie Zeidman, Peppy Lavitz, Fannie Lubritsky, Hymie Jacobson and Jacob Goldstein.

Bottom row, left to right:
1. Philip Maltz, Peppy Lavitz, Jacob Goldstein and Abe Gross.
2. Samuel Goldinburg, Jacob Jacobs, Jacob Goldstein in a ... chorus, in a scene in the second act of "In the Garden of Love."
3. Samuel Goldinburg, with the chorus, in a scene from the 1st act.

Right vertical column:
1. Samuel Goldinburg.
2. Jacob Jacobs.
3. Hymie Jacobson.
4. Fannie Lubritsky.

Across, right to left:
1. Max Rosenblatt.
2. Yetta Zwerling.
3. Bennie Zeidman.
4. Chaim Schneyer.






List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

Copyright Museum of the Yiddish Theatre. All rights reserved.