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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"The Jolly Cantor"
at the Irving Place Theatre

The opening performance was on Friday, September 20, 1925.
The full-page advertisement for the show appeared in the October 18, 1925 edition of the Forward.
The page with Ludwig Satz's portrait appeared in the November 1, 1925 edition of the Forward.

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"THE JOLLY CANTOR (Der frelikher khazn)," at the Irving Place Theatre, Irving Place and 15th Street. Telephone: Stuyvesant 6918.
By Moshe Richter, stage director and music by Ludwig Satz. The best comedy-drama that has been seen all year in the Yiddish theatre.
Plays every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening.


CAPTIONS, left to right:

Row 1: Ludwig Satz, director; Bella Finkel; Jacob Wexler; Max R. Wilner, manager.

Row 2: Ray Schneyer, Zvi Scooler, Bessie Budnick, Anatol Winogradoff.

Row 3: "They call me the 'Jolly Cantor'!" -- Ludwig Satz sings a hearty song in the 2nd act of "The Jolly Cantor."

Row 4:
1. "M'tar zikh mishen in fremde gesheften (Do Not Interfere in Foreign Businesses [?]) -- 3rd act of "The Jolly Cantor."
2. "Fun troyer tsu gezang (From Sadness to Song [?])" -- Ludwig Satz's triumph in "The Jolly Cantor."

Row 5:
The young elderly couple of people, the cantor and the cantor's wife -- Ludwig Satz and Bina Abramowitz, in a scene from "The Jolly Cantor."

Row 6:
1. "M'redt nit vos m'meynt (I'm Not Saying What That Means)." -- A hearty song. Sung by Ludwig Satz, Bina Abramowitz and Jacob Wexler in the 1st act.
2. The jolly cantor (Ludwig Satz) does not grieve over the misfortune that befell the family. -- A scene from "The Jolly Cantor."
3. "Der shver vos zargt far zayn shnur (The Father-in-Law Who Worries About His Daughter-in-Law)." -- Ludwig Satz and Bella Finkel in a scene from "The Jolly Cantor."


Ludwig Satz, Irving Place Theatre, Phone STY-6918.
Max R. Wilner presents Ludwig Satz in his latest, laughing hit, "The Jolly Cantor (Der frelikher khazn)."
Comedy-Drama in four acts by Moshe Richter.
Music produced by Ludwig Satz.
Now playing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening.
Tickets eight weeks in advance.

Actors portrayed, left to right:

Bessie Budnik, Ben Zvi Scooler, Clara Honigman, Anatol Winogradow, Bella Finkel, Ludwig Satz, Bina Abramowitz, Jacob Wexler, Ray Schneyer, meyer Sherr and H. Belawski.






List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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