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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"Lucky Boy"
at the Irving Place Theatre

The opening performance was on Friday, March 20, 1925.
The full-page advertisement for the show appeared in the April 26, 1925 edition of the Forward.

"THE LUCKY BOY (Der mazeldiger bokhur)," at the Irving Place Theatre, on 14th Street and Irving Place. Telephone: Stuyvesant 6918.
Now playing every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening.
Lawnfield and Weinblatt present Ludwig Satz in the greatest comedy-drama in twenty-five years. In four acts by Harry Kalmanowitz.
Comedy, drama, singing, dance, and sweet, heart-felt music.
With the participation of Bella Finkel, Fannie Lubritsky, Peppy Lavitz, Mrs. Nadolsky and Ray Schneyer; Mr. Schacht, Jacob Wexler, Zvi Scooler, Miriam Grossman and Sam Lawnfield.

CAPTIONS, left to right

Row 1:
1. My Feigele says that she is busy here. She leaves us, as she sings the song, "Der tog vos geht avek kumt nit mer (The Day That Goes Away Comes No More)." -- Scene from the great ... "The Lucky Boy."
2. Scene in the first act of "The Lucky Boy." Nathan Lapensisik, the baker, kisses his wife, and the parents break a plate. Scene with Ludwig Satz, Bella Finkel, Fannie Lubritsky, Ray Schneyer, Mrs. Nadolsky, Zvi Scooler and Jacob Wexler.

Row 2:
1. Father and child (Ludwig Satz and Miriam Grossman) sing the heartfelt song, "Mayn feigele (My Feigele)." -- scene in the last act of "The Lucky Boy."
2. Nathan Lapensisik (Ludwig Satz) comes to his bride with a little bird. -- Scene in the 1st act of "The Lucky Boy."
3. Nathan Lapensisik, the baker, sings in honor of the Sabbath, "The Galician Wedding." -- Genuine comic scene in the 2nd act of "The Lucky Boy."

Row 3:
1. Am I a boor, and are you the educated one, the shmiligenter?" -- A scene in the 3rd act, played by Ludwig Satz, Jacob Wexler, Bella Finkel, Fannie Lubritsky, Zvi Scooler and Miriam Grossman.
2. "My Feigele is returning. I'm happy, I'm fine. Let it be ge'hrg'et!" -- Genuinely interesting scene in the last act of "The Lucky Boy," played by Ludwig Satz, Bella Finkel, Sam Lawnfield, Mrs. Nadolsky, Peppy Lavitz, Mr. Schacht, Ray Schneyer, Miriam Grossman, Fannie Lubritsky, Jacob Wexler.

Row 4:
1. Nathan the baker shows his wife a bagel, and he famously used to have a baker lie in bed and bake a bagel. Great comic scene in the 1st act -- played by Ludwig Satz and Bella Finkel.
2. "Dear mother, the father prays for you. Please come home." -- Heartbreaking scene in the 3rd act of "The Lucky Boy."
3. Nathan Lapensisik sings to his wife, "The Crossword Puzzle." -- Great laugh scene by Ludwig Satz and Bella Finkel. -- Scene in the 2nd act of "The Lucky Boy."








List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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