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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


at the National Theatre

The opening performance was on Sunday, May 21, 1926.
The advertisement for this production was published in the Forward on May 16, 1926.


Lucy German as "MASHKA," at Saks and Goldberg's National Theatre, Houston Street and Second Avenue. Telephone: Orchard 2612.
Oscar Green presents Misha German's offering of Sholom Secunda and Israel Rosenberg's greatest musical comedy.
Oscar Green presents Misha and Lucy German, Jechiel Goldschmidt and Yudl Dubinsky, and the entire Hopkinson Theatre company:

  • Morris Novikov

  • Isidore Lupinsky

  • Clara Rosenthal

  • Ella Wallerstein

  • Isidore Friedman

  • Leah Meltzer

  • Tania Poland

Together with a large Broadway chorus, male and female dancers. A large symphony orchestra conducted by Sholom Secunda,
The sensational musical comedy, "Mashka," is now playing every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening.

CAPTIONS, left to right:

Row 1:
1. Oscar Green, manager of the Hopkinson Theatre, who presents the greatest musical comedy of the season, "Mashka."
2. Sholom Secunda, the famous composer, who has composed the music to this great operetta.
3. Israel Rosenberg, the famous playwright and author of the libretto and lyrics of "Mashka."
4. Misha German, director of the Hopkinson Theatre, who has produced the most successful play of the season, "Mashka."

Row 2:
1. A wonderful, highly poetic scene: Lucy German (Mashka) and Yudl Dubinsky (Havrila) tell how they have said goodbye to their town. -- 1st act.
2. Center cameo: Lucy German as "Mashka."
3. "Throw away the worries and whistles tomorrow! -- The closing ensemble of the first act of Misha German's production in the great, successful comedy, "Mashka."

Row 3:
1. Mashka and Havrila sing their happy "Chastushkes" vapt-sik-tsik.
2. "Believe me, Papa, when you are in that cabaret and see what I see, you would not come home for an entire week. -- A scene filled with humor and laughter, in the 1st act of "Mashka." Left to right: Misha German and Jechiel Goldschmidt.

Row 4:
1. Mazl tov, father-in-law! I whistled for you! -- the strongest laugh scene, at the close of the 2nd act of the great musical comedy, "Mashka."
2. A happy scene, filled with laughter, singing, Charleston, kozatzkes, at the "Fourth of July celebration," in the 2nd act of the beautiful musical comedy, "Mashka." From left to right: Jechiel Goldschmidt, Ella Wallerstein, Lucy German, Misha German, Albert Book (sp), Yudl Dubinsky, Leah Meltzer, Isidore Friedman, Clara Rosenthal, Isidore Lupinsky. On top: Morris Novikov and Tania Poland and the entire chorus.








List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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