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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"The Only Way"
at the Second Avenue Theatre

The opening performance was on Friday, September 19, 1925.
The full-page advertisement for the show appeared in the October 4, 1925 edition of the Forward.


"THE ONLY WAY (Der eyntsiger veg)," at Kessler's Second Avenue Theatre, 35 Second Avenue. Telephone: Drydock 4315-1643.
Joseph Edelstein, General Manager, presents the greatest dramatic actress, Jennie Valier, in "The Only Way." With special song numbers by our composer Joseph Rumshinsky. By Freiman and Wolf. Produced by Jacob Kalich.

CAPTIONS, left to right:

Row 1:
1. DISCUSSING FAMILY AFFAIRS -- A sympathetic scene in the 2nd act, between Jennie Valier, the wife, and her husband (David Popper).
2. MAY LUCK BE WITH YOU! -- Is the blessing of a mother (Jennie Valier) for her children (Lucy Levin) and Max Wilner. Scene in the 3rd act.
3. TRUE LOVERS -- Isidore Meltzer and Anne Thomashefsky in a comic scene in the 2nd act of "The Only Way." Music by Joseph Rumshinsky.

Row 2:
1. THE SICK PRISONER TELLS THE SECRET -- Jennie Valier, Leon Nadolsky and Philip Singer in a scene of the 2st act.
2. WAR DECLARED -- A comic scene in the 2nd act of "The Only Way." -- Anne Thomashefsky, Boris Rosenthal and Isidore Meltzer.

Row 3:
1. A TRAGIC SCENE -- in the 1st act of "The Only Way." Left to right: Boris Rosenthal, Mme. Valier and Leon Nadolsky.
2. MOTHER MEETS HER CHILD -- A pathetic scene when mother (Mme. Valier) meets her only daughter (Lucy Levin) after a lapse of ten years. The others are Anne Thomashefsky and Boris Rosenthal.

Row 4:
1. THE HAPPY FOUR -- A comic scene in the 3rd act of "The Only Way." Left to right: Boris Rosenthal, Anne Thomashefsky, Lucy Levin and Max Wilner.
2. BEHIND PRISON BARS -- Jennie Valier found guilty and sentenced to prison on trumped-up evidence.
3. LEAVING HOME -- A scene in the 4th act when the husband leaves home. -- Anne Thomashefsky, Jennie Valier and David Popper participating.








List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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