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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


at the Second Avenue Theatre

The opening performance was probably on Friday, September 2, 1927.
The half-page advertisement below can be found in the October 9, 1927 edition of the Forward.

"RAIZELE," at Kessler's Second Avenue Theatre, 35 Second Avenue. Telephone: Orchard 1643 and 4315.
Paternak, Sager and Parnes, managers.
Molly Picon in Rumshinsky and J. Kalich's new song-play, "Raizele," by Chone Gottesfeld.
Playing every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening and Jewish holidays.
Saturday and holiday matinees ladies free.

CAPTIONS, left to right:

Row 1:
1.  2nd act finale! -- Raizele meets her fortune in America.
2. Jacob Kalich, Molly Picon, Joseph Rumshinsky and Chone Gottesfeld.
3. Here comes the bride.

Row 2:
1. Raizele meets a prize fighter.
2. 2nd act -- Raizele's little business in big New York.
3. Dreaming of Joan of Arc.
4. The Fiddle says: "Hush, here comes the bride!"
5. Raizele meets her sweetheart for the 1st time.

Row 3:
1. Julius Nathanson (Nochem, Balltche's son).
2. Lucy Levin. (Rivtche).
3. Gershon Rubin (David, the Rabbi's deacon).
4. Herman Serotsky (Jonah).
5. Frances Weintraub (Balltche).
6. Rose Greenfield (The Glemboker Rabbi's Second Wife).
7. Raizele, the bride (the Rabbi's only daughter).
8. Raizele, the widow.
9. Regina Prager (Shendele).
10. Kalmen Juvelier (Choneh).
11. Rebecca Weintraub (Leah, a neighbor).
12. Boris Rosenthal (The Glemboker Rabbi).
13. Anna Nathanson (Bertha, a widow).
14. Irving Grossman (Louis, the Prizefighter).






List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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