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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"Student Love"
at the Liberty Theatre

The opening performance was on Thursday, January 29, 1925.
The double-page advertisement below appeared in the February 22, 1925 edition of the Forward.
A second such advertisement (one page) appeared in the April 5, 1925 edition of the Forward.

Double-click on either page to see its largest version.



"STUDENT LOVE (Studenten Liebe)" at the Liberty Theatre, Liberty and Stone Avenues. Telephone: Dickens 5236.
Tickets four weeks in advance. Greatest musical sensation! Playing every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening, also Tomorrow evening (Washington's Birthday).


Row 1:
1. Michal Michalesko, director and main star of the Liberty Theatre, who has won the hearts, not only of the woman, but also of the entire Brownsville population.
2. Annie Lillian, Annie Lubin, Isidore Lipinsky, and the chorus -- in the 1st act.
3. Michal Michalesko and Annie Lillian in the 1st act.
4. Joseph Brody, our conductor, who has together with Olshanetsky, has created the sweet music of "Student Love."
5. Louis Freiman, author of the libretto of "Student Love" and other operettas.
6. Alexander Olshanetsky, the young, popular musician, who is one of the music composers of "Student Love."
7. Michal Michalesko as the student "Yuzhik."
8. Michal Michalesko, Annie Lillian, Benny Adler, Anna Levine and Annie Lubin in the 1st act.
9. William Rolland, manager of the Liberty Theatre, who is responsible for the success of the theatre.

Row 2:
1. Max Badin, Benny Adler and Anna Levin in a scene from the 2nd act.
2. Quartet: Max Bulman, Isidore Lipinsky, Clara Gold and Annie Lubin. -- Act 2.
3. Two Hasids in the 2nd act (Annie Lubin and Isidore Lipinsky).
4. One of the many scenes in the 2nd act.
4 (below): Cameo: Mike Wilensky in love with Michal Michalesko, as "Dame."
5. Zina Goldstein, Annie Lillian and Annie Lubin -- Trio in the 2nd act.
6. Yonah and Kroine in Arabia. -- Max Bulman and Clara Gold in the 2nd act.

Row 3:
1. Ensemble -- closing of the 1st act.
2. Michal Michalesko as Hindus, in the 2nd act.
3. Countess Sonia with her ballet in 2nd act.
4. Michal Michalesko and Zina Goldstein in "Student Love" in the 1st act.
5. Max Badin, Moshe Simonoff and chorus -- A scene in the 2nd act of "Student Love." Now playing with great success in the Liberty Theatre.

Row 4:
1. Michal Michalesko becomes a hit. The image shows him looking at the hand of Zina Goldstein.
2. top: Michal Michalesko, Countess Sonia, Annie Lubin, Isidore Lipinsky and the chorus (1st act).
3. bottom: Masked ball -- a scene from the 2nd act.
4. In Arabia -- Michal Michalesko and the Countess Sonia and the chorus in a scene.
5. They were happily wed. -- A scene in a synagogue in the 3rd act of the beautiful operetta, "Student Love."
6. Michal Michalesko -- one of the many scenes of "Student Love."

From the farthest reaches of New York, one goes now to Brownsville to see Michal Michalesko's "Student Love," a sensational musical production deluxe.
By Louis Freiman, music by Alexander Olshanetsky and Joseph Brody, lyrics by Joseph Tanzman. With a large chorus and ballet, direct from Broadway, under the direction and personal participation of Count Sonia Belyukovich.

Michal Michalesko as "Yuzhik," Zina Goldstein as "Sonia," Annie Lillian as "Steptshu"; Annie Lubin as "Terishka."

Also with Benny Adler, Max Bulman, Isidore Lipinsky, Moshe Simonoff, Mike Wilensky, Clara Gold, Anna Levin and Max Badin.

Large symphony orchestra, conducted by Joseph Brody.

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List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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