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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"The Two Koonie Lemels"
at the Yiddish Art Theatre

The opening performance was on Friday, January 25, 1924.
The full-page advertisement appeared in the February 17, 1924 edition of the Forward.

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"THE TWO KOONIE LEMELS (Di tsvey kuni lemels)," Abraham Goldfaden's classic comedy.

Stage direction: Maurice Schwartz. Sets: Samuel Ostrowsky.
Yiddish Art Theatre, 27th Street and Madison Avenue. Telephone: Madison Square 6963.

Every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday Matinee and Evening in the Yiddish Art Theatre.

Row 1, left: "Pho-oo! He flew away! Koonie Lemel is a Holy Man! A Miracle Man!" Left to right: Caroline (Berta Gerstin), Pinkus'l (Marc Schweid) and Rivkah (Bina Abramowitz).
Row 1, right: "KOONIE LEMEL" (Maurice Schwartz) and his pals, Yankele (Motele Brandt) and the goat.
Row 2, left: At Kalman the matchmaker's home. -- Julius Adler as the matchmaker; Max (Wolf Goldfaden), disguised as Koonie Lemel, flirting with Liebele (Leah Meltzer).
Row 2, middle: THE TWO "KOONIE LEMELS": Maurice Schwartz (rt.) and Wolf Goldfaden (lt.)
Row 2, right: "KOONIE LEMEL" is now convinced that he is soon to be engaged to Caroline.
Row 3, left: Koonie Lemel and his pals lead is stepfather, the Deacon, to the synagogue.
Row 3, right: Caroline mistakes the real Koonie Lemel for her lover, the disguised Koonie Lemel.
Row 4, first image: The celebrated Hotzmach (Yudl Dubinsky), a highlight of the "Two Koonie Lemels."
Row 4, second image: The Holy Ancestors, whom Max (disguised as Koonie Lemel) brought up from the Other World to convince his father-in-law what a great man he is.
Row 4, third image: Maurice Schwartz, director of the Yiddish Art Theatre; Abraham Goldfaden, author of "The Two Koonie Lemels," and Samuel Ostrowsky, scenic artist.
Row 5: THE TOWN FOOL (Leon Seidenberg) wants a bride to match Koonie Lemel's betrothed.







List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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