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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"Volodka in Odessa"
at the National Theatre

The opening performance was on Tuesday, March 30, 1926.
The advertisement shown here was published in the Forward on April 18, 1926.

"VOLODKA IN ODESSA (Volodka in Odes)," now playing at the National Theatre every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening.

Aaron Lebedeff in the great folk-comedy, with music by Peretz Sandler.

Every word a joke -- every joke a thunder of laughter.

CAPTIONS, left to right:

Row 1:
1. Louis Goldberg.
2. Aaron Lebedeff.
3. Peretz Sandler.
4. Mr. Saks.

Row 2:
1. Annie Meltzer (as Nyunya), Jacob Rechtzeit (as Misha), when they sing their success duet, "In Odessa, in Odessa," in the 1st act of "Volodka in Odessa."
2. A lesson in the "Charleston." -- Aaron Lebedeff (as Volodka) teaches Bella Mysell (as Rukhele) the American "Charleston" dance. A great, comical, singing scene in the 2nd act.

Row 3:
1. Charles Nathanson, Goldie Shapiro and Abe Sincoff in a great comical trio number, in the 2nd act of "Volodka in Odessa."
2. Aaron Lebedeff, Bella Mysell, Annie Meltzer and Jacob Rechtzeit in a very interesting scene in the 1st act.

Row 4:
1. Annie Meltzer and Jacob Rechtzeit as bride and groom, dancing the "Hora" in the closing ensemble number of the 2nd act, together with the artistic personnel of the National Theatre.
2. Aaron Lebedeff (as Volodka), with is balalaika, when he sings his famous Yiddish and Russian "chestuskes" in the first act "Volodka in Odessa."
3. Charles Nathanson, Abe Sincoff, Sam Blum, Mike Wilensky and Bertha Hart in an interesting and very comical scene in the 2nd act.

Row 5:
1. Aaron Lebedeff (as Volodka) with the chorus of beautiful Russian girls. A splendid, comical song and dance number in the 1st act of "Volodka in Odessa."
2. The receipt of property [kabole kinyen] -- interesting scene in the 1st act of "Volodka in Odessa," performed by Aaron Lebedeff, Annie Meltzer, Charles Nathanson, with the entire National Theatre artistic ensemble.






List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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