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The Big Ads
How the Yiddish Theatre Publicized their Productions


"The Witch"
at the Yiddish Art Theatre

The opening performance was on Wednesday, March 11, 1925.
The full-page advertisement for the show appeared in the March 29, 1925 edition of the Forward.

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"THE WITCH (Di kishufmakherin)," at the Yiddish Art Theatre on 27th Street and Madison Avenue (Madison Square Garden building). Telephone: Madison Square 6963.
Maurice Schwartz, Director.
Maurice Schwartz stages Abraham Goldfaden's classic comedy with music, especially re-arranged by Joseph Cherniavsky. May cheerfulness be a holiday joy!
Every Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday matinee and evening. 50c. $1 or $1.50.

CAPTIONS, left to right:

Top: Joseph Cherniavsky, who re-arranged the music to "The Witch"; Abraham Goldfaden, the father of Yiddish theatre; and Maurice Schwartz, the director of the Yiddish Art Theatre.

Row 1:
1. 3rd scene from the 2nd part of Goldfaden's "The Witch."  -- A Turkish coffee-house in Istanbul.
2. 1st scene from the 1st part of "Goldfaden's "The Witch."  -- by Abrahamtsi, in the house. -- Mirele's terms.

Row 2 (middle):
The stepmother (Anna Apel). The Bobe Yakhne (Maurice Schwartz) and Alikum (Ben-Zvi Baratov), in a remarkable scene in the 2nd part of "The Witch."

Row 3:
1. The fiery Hotzmakh (Muni Weisenfreund).
2. Moshe Smitshik's famous kapelye of "The Witch."
3. The Bobe Yakhne -- kishuf-makherin (Maurice Schwartz)

Row 4:
1. The bridegroom Markus (Lazar Freed)
2. The market. 3rd scene of the 1st part of Goldfaden's "The Witch."
3. The bride Mirele (Anna Teitelbaum)

Row 5:
1. The broad-boned Alikum (Ben-Zvi Baratov)
2. The market schchterk (Marc Schweid)
3. The witch Batya (Anna Appel)
4. The lung-and-liver butcher (Izidor Casher)
5. The father Avraham'tse (Jacob Mestel)

Row 6:
1. Closing scene of Goldfaden's "The Witch."  -- The Bobe Yakhne (Maurice Schwartz) flees out of the chimney of the burning red inn.
2. With the Bobe Yakhne in the magic shtibl.









List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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