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The Hopkinson Theatre
482 Hopkinson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
This production opened 0n February 23, 1933

(Fresh, Health and Crazy)

by Leon Gottlieb
review by Hillel Rogoff, published on February 24, 1933


In the Hopkinson Theatre next evening there will be the premiere of the comedy, "Fresh, Healthy and Crazy" by the yearlong contributor to the Forward, Leon Gottlieb.

For most of our readers, gottlieb is known due to his novel that was published in the Forward. For the scarce thirty three yers, he has been associated with the Forward. He has written some thirty-five novels besides quitre a number of short narratives. Those who are, however, are familiar with the Yiddish theatre, knowing that Leon Gottlieb is not a new face as a dramaturg.

Exactly thirty years back in the Windsor Theatre there was staged Gottlieb's translated play of the famous Polish writer Gabriela Zapolska's play, "Malka Shvartsenkop." In those years, the play made an impression in Poland and Galicia, and it also took off here. Sam Kasten, who came to New York; Kalmen Juvelier, Sigmund Feinman and other known actors have then participated in the offering.

A year later in the same theatre they performed "God's Judgment," a free adaptation of Gottlieb's from a play by Wilhelm Feldman, a famous Polish weriter and literary critic.

The same year they staged in the Thalia Theatre a play, "The New Generation," Gottlieb's fine adaptation. The offering had an unheard of success. Jacob Gordin, Morris Moshkovitch, Michael Mintz (Keni Lipzin's husband) and Sigmund Mogulesko were the bosses of the theatre. The play by Gottlieb was bought from Gordin. It was played by Mogulesko, Elias Rothstein, Morris Moshkovitch, Leon Blank, Tobias Katzman, Giltman, Louis Hyman. Of the actors that had participated: Mrs. Nadolsky, Mrs. Tobias, Mrs. Brie, the young, deceased dramatic actress Helena Zeitlin, and Jennie Goldstein, who was then a child, just starting to go to school. Her father used to bring her to the theatre.

Gottlieb also has translated Pshibishevsky's "The Dance of Love and Death," which in a couple of years' time was staged by the Progressive Dramatic Club, and which Maurice Schwartz had staged at his evening-of-honor. He also translated especially for Mrs. Bertha Kalich Pshibishevsky's famous drama, "Tsulib'n glik" and "The Mother," also by the same writer.

The current play, as it has already been said, is a comedy. Menasha Skulnik plays the main role in it. He is called
 "Mr. Klepke" in the play.

This coming week there will be published in the Forward a review about it. The play is now playing in the middle of the week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will still be played "Getzel Becomes a Bridegroom." This is already the twelfth week that the play has been shown.





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