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The Amphion Theatre

437 Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
This production opened on December 11, 1931.


by Simon Wolf, music by Janet Fleischman and Bennie Adler


This article was written by D. Kaplan. It appeared on December 11, 1931 in the Yiddish Forward newspaper, in anticipation of that evening's opening performance.

There is an entirely beautiful and interesting operetta today in the Amphion Theatre in Williamsburg. It consists of many songs, dances and singing, and also does not any bad content, has a fine story that will appeal to the audience. In addition, some news about what is on this Yiddish stage: one-half of the story takes place in South Africa, in Johannesburg, although the life of the local community is not shown on the stage at all. Instead, we are shown some half-naked Negro girls dancing a "shimmy" with the middle part of their body.

The action of the first half of the operetta occurs in Romania. They sing a song in Romanian. Of course, there is no shortage or Russian, Malorussian and gypsy melodies. About Yiddish it is agreed. In these hard times, one must present on the stage for all kinds of patrons. It is hard to draw a crowd. For example, the restaurant "shields" that tell you: you can eat as much as you want, you can cram in as much as you want, and you do not have to pay more than sixty cents. So what are theatres doing, and things Yiddish?

They must give productions with many courses, etc. so that the audience can enjoy: dances, songs, young, slim young ladies with bare legs, and also content of the melodramatic sort, which can make you tear up or make you laugh. The average Yiddish theatre-goer not only wants to laugh a little for his dollar, but also to get used to it a little.






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