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The Prospect Theatre
851 Pospect Avenue, Bronx, NY
This production opened on December 16, 1932.

(The Struggle for a Mother)

by H. Lang
review by an unknown author, Forward, December 16, 1932.


The main news in the New York Yiddish theatre this week is the new play that begins to play this evening in Jennie Goldstein's Prospect Theatre, Bronx. This is the play, "The Struggle for a Mother," which the Forward contributor, H. Lang, has dramatized from the novel by Eva Lazarus, who last winter and the entire summer published in the Forward. The novel has a dramatic content, and the readers were very interested. A play emerged in three acts with four scenes in the first act, three scenes in the second act, and one scene in the third act.

The play the Bronx Prospect Theatre was prepared in a very big way. Jennie Goldstein agreed, although for the past couple of weeks she has staged other plays. However, she lives for the play, "The Struggle For a Mother." In this play she has a large role. She plays the mother, Mrs. Grossman, from the novel, and as it is said on the "Avenue," where they know what is doing in all the Yiddish theatres, that we now see a "new Jennie Goldstein"; before she appeared as a happy mother and afterwards as a wretch, a poor one. Every actor speaks of this play with a remarkable enthusiasm.

In the play these actors have large roles: Joseph Shoengold, Max Rosenthal, William Schwartz, Max Wilner, Abraham Teitelbaum, Jacob Wexler, M.D. Samuylow, Judah Bleich, David Yanover, Meir Honigman, and the female actors: Fannie Lubritsky, Gertie Bulman, Tillie Rabinowitz and Rebecca Weintraub. And they also have a large cast, and they also have taken in young actors from a dramatic school. Joseph Shoengold , M.D. Samuylow, and Judah Bleich have been specially engaged for the play. They let us know this about the theatre -- "What do you think, there will be scenes and scenes; images of a happy home, and from an unhappy home, and images of the "back rooms" of a court, and of a governor's harangue about a young girl in a death house, and of the death-house itself, and scenes of an office in a cloak shop. The play is called 'The Struggle For a Mother,' and the stage will be filled with struggle."

As to the production tomorrow evening, there have been invited critics -- Yiddish and English. Also there have been invited every writer and every well-known theatre person. Saturday afternoon there will also appear "The Struggle For a Mother," and also on Sunday afternoon, and in the evening and also on Christmas and New Years. Jennie Goldstein assures us that this will be her play for the entire season.

Tillie Rabinowitz Max
Rebecca Weintraub William Schwartz Gertie




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