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  Photographers to the Stars

There were a good number of photographic studios -- both in Manhattan and Brooklyn --
that were visited over the years, who carefully posed and photographed many of
our  famed Yiddish theatre stars, either in the form of a portrait photograph,
in scenes from one of the many glorious theatre productions, or at various events
that were sponsored by various New York City Yiddish theatre organizations.

Here are links to web pages, one per studio, which the Museum has created for a dozen such photographic studios.
Most all of these photographs, nearly 
three hundred in number, appear in thumbnail form on these pages.
With all but a few, you can view the full-sized photos with a simple click on any of the thumbnail photographs,
while with others only the thumbnail photograph is provided. Such photographs are indeed a real treat!

Many of these photographs come to you courtesy of the Archives of the Yiddish Theatrical Alliance.
Others come to you from such entities as the Museum of the City of New York, and yet others from the Museum's private collection.
Please note that photos taken by "Bruno of Hollywood," run by Bruno Bernard, might have been taken in California. This is uncertain ....


Alexander Archer
Ivan Busatt
Arthur Winters
D.H. Simon
Bruno of Hollywood
Murray Korman
James J. Kriegsmann
Maurice Seymour
Boris Bakchy







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