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They Graced Our Stages: The Yiddish Theatre Troupes

(1910 to 1957)

Prospect Theatre

appeared in the "Album of the Yiddish Theatre"
From a production of "The Struggle for a Mother,"
which opened on December 16, 1932.

Cast of "The Struggle for a Mother"

Produced by Jennie Goldstein in the Prospect Theatre, Bronx (1932).
Sitting: An extra. Tillie Rabinowitz, Gertrude Bulman, Jennie Goldstein,
Fannie Lubritsky, Rebecca Weintraub, Mrs. Nadel and Aaron Mench.
Standing: Judah Bleich, David Yanover, Max Wilner, Abraham Teitelbaum, Max Rosenthal,
Joseph Schoengold, William Schwartz, Jacob Wexler, M.B. Samuylow and Meyer Hongiman.






List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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