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They Graced Our Stages: The Yiddish Theatre Troupes
(1910 to 1957)

The Folksbiene
in the production of "The Province" by Leon Robbins,
This photo appeared in The Forward
on March 27, 1936

First row, seated: third from the right: Michael Rozumny, regisseur.
Third from the left: Leon Robbins, author of the play.

Members of this troupe included:
Morris Adler, Ely Arnou, Reuben Arnou, M. Balsky, Anna Beck, Abe Becker, Sonia Bierman,
Blum,Morris Dervin, Michael Fredmest, H. Froshtein, M. Gulkes, Frieda Himmelstein, A. Holf,
Max Malinovsky, G. Mark, Max Neiditch, Max Pollack, Sam Rosen, Jacob Rosenblum, Sarah Stabin,
Max Strahl, Ch. Taub, Hyman Zaner, S. Zeidner and Joshua Zeldis.








List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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