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They Graced Our Stages: The Yiddish Theatre Troupes
(1910 to 1957)

National Theatre
appeared in The Forward
on September 23, 1927


(Sorry for the poor quality of the photo.)

Sitting, right to left: Bella Mysell, Rose Goldberg, (Middle row, right to left): Aaron Lebedeff, Alexander Olshanetsky (musician),
B. Waldman, Bennie Zeidman, Yetta Zwerling, Jacob Jacobs, Bettie Jacobs, Goldie Eisman, Max Wilner, Pepi Lavitz, Samuel Goldinburg.
Top row: Simon Wolf, Isidore Lash, Max Rosenblatt, Izidor Shuchatt, Abe Gross and Philip Maltz.








List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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