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They Graced Our Stages: The Yiddish Theatre Troupes
(1910 to 1957)

Second Avenue Theatre
appeared in The Forward
on February 18, 1923


This is a photograph of the cast of Joseph Rumshinsky's "Di goldene kale," or "The Golden Bride," which opened at the Second Avenue Theatre on February 9, 1923.

First row, left to right: Hymie Jacobson, Joseph Rumshinsky, Michal Michalesko, Boris Rosenthal and Jean Greenfield.

Second row, left to right: Fannie Lubritsky, Bella Finkel, Annie Thomashefsky, Jennie Valier, Rebecca Weintraub, Sabina Lakser-Rumshinsky, Rose Greenfield and Lucy Finkel.

Third row, left to right: Leon Nadolsky, Lazar Freed, Morris Silberstein, Judel Dubinsky and Kalmen Juvelier.

Photograph from the Lipshutz Studio.

Hymie Jacobson arranged the dances for this production, and the play itself was staged by Michal Michalesko.

The libretto for "The Golden Bride" was written by Frieda Freiman and the lyrics were written by Louis Gilrod.|

This advertisement (left) appeared in the Forverts (Jewish Forward newspaper) on February 9, 1923, the day of its opening.
The troupe photograph appeared nine days later in the Forverts, on February 18, 1923.







List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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