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The Forward Vacation Follies

August 29, 1935


The most beautiful and the best from the stage and press, united to create the "Forward" Vacation Follies.

"Forward" Vacation Follies


Today! Thursday evening in Second Avenue.

This will be an evening filled with wit, humor, jokes, seriousness, dancing and singing, performed by the best Yiddish stage artists, writers, musicians and talented entertainers.

The "Forward" Vacation Follies is the yearly enterprise that is given for the benefit of poor, Jewish children who the "Forward" send to the country each year for several weeks.

The entire artistic personnel, with few exceptions, as well as those of the Second Avenue Theatre, will give of themselves freely for the noble purpose of creating opportunities for more children to be sent on a summer vacation.

You will spend a most enjoyable evening of fun and help the Vacation Fund at the same time.

A part of the artists who will perform in this rich program are:

M. Osherowitch

Itzhak Arco

Wolf Barzel

Louis Bockshitzky

Gertie Bulman

Henry Blum

Itzhak Bliefeld

Jehuda Bleich

Pesach'ke Burstein

Chone Gottsefeld

Leon Gold

Samuel Goldinburg

Rubin Goldberg

Sam Gertler

Moshe Gross

Moshe Dorf

Isidore Hollander

Anna Hollander

Max Wilner

Mike Wilensky

Louis Weisberg

Leon Weisberg

Isidore Lillian

The Young Brothers


Bella Meisel

Menasha Skulnik

Zvi Scooler

M.B. Samuylow

Adolf Erber

Molly Picon

David Popper

Moshe Feder

Lillian Shapiro

Mark Schweid

Bernard Shoenfeld

Yetta Zwerling

Jacob Kalich

L. Carey

Isidore Klein

A. Rosen

Michael Rosenberg

Lucien Rutman

Joseph Rumshinsky

Seymour Rechtzeit


Prices: $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50.

Tickets may be purchased at the box-office of the theatre and in the 'Forward" office.







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