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The Forward Vacation Follies

August 25, 1936



The "Vacation Follies" is always the most rich, interesting and most amazing production of the year ... Today, Tuesday, August 25th in the Public Theatre. A once-a-year production that you will remember for the entire year!

Music -- Songs -- Drama -- Humor. An evening filled with jokes and seriousness, prepared and performed by the best Yiddish writers, artist-actors, and radio singers and entertainers.

A large, artistic orchestra, conducted by three famous composers: Joseph Rumshinsky, Sholom Secunda, Nicholas Zaslavski ... Humoresques, one-acters, which will be played at this production, have ben composed by the following writers: Anton Chekhov, I.J. Singer, Chone Gottesfeld, M. Osherowitch and William Siegel.

Famous singers from the "Forward Radio Hour": Anna Farber, Miriam Fishberg (accompanied by her father, Yasha Fishberg), Dorothy Pilzer, Lucien Rutman, Harmony Trio, nd the Metropolitan Quartet, which will perform the successful numbers from their rich, musical repertoire.


They will all participate in Chaim Ehrenreich's "Behind the Scenes" at the "Vacation Follies"
They will not be shy; not to you, not to others; and we guarantee a storm of laughter every second.

Sitting, from the right: Louis Hyman, Sonia Alomis, Chaim Ehrenreich, Moshe Silberkasten (the director),
Anna Hollander, Reuben Wendorf, Alexander Azro. Standing, from the right: Max Henig, Shimen Ruskin,
Isidore Mandel, M.B. Samuylow, Louis Goldstein (he will be the "Follies" prompter), M. Siegel,
Isidore Hollander, Isaac Rothblum, William Mercur and Benny Adler.
This photograph was taken at the reading of the comedy that will be performed in the "Follies" today, Tuesday evening.



First, on the left: "She is not made up": This is how Ola Lilith looks in real life -- a joy for the eye, a delight for the heart: and this is how you will see her in the "Follies," in a new program of songs.

Second from the left: The Polish Rebbe himself! This picture was taken immediately as he descended from a ship, so humbled, our Itzik Feld, the star of the Public Theatre, which will present the holy tsadik with a parade in the "Vacation Follies." Feld is helped greatly in preparing the Rebbe by the well-known William Siegel ...

Third from the left: "This is how he looks!": Believe it or not, this is Menasha Skulnik in real life, when he fights with Joseph Rumshinsky over a number for his new play. And so you will see him in the "Vacation Follies" in "Behind the Scenes." If you will not laugh when he explains why he has advertisements, you are not a human being.

Fourth from the left: "Arrives in a hospital to visit a man!": Here you will see Celia Adler when she arrives in a hospital to visit a sick person, her Yankl, right after his operation on his gallstones. Adler will play the scene at the "Vacation Follies" this evening at the Public Theatre. You will split your sides with laughter! And we mean it, too!

First on left: "Who is singing, and who is angry?": A touching, dramatic, splendidly comedic scene from I.J. Singer's "Entertainers."  From the right: Yehuda Bleich as "The World-Famous," and Michael Rosenber as "The One and Only." The one-acter will be one of the "hits" of the entire production in the Public Theatre this evening.

Middle: "Anton Chekhov's 'The Witch' in one of its scenes": From the right: Michael Rozumny, as the male; Luba Kadison as the "witch," and Joseph Buloff as the jealous husband. But Buloff is so busy with stage directing, that he forgets his "jealousy." But see what's wrong with them in the "Follies," in the Public Theatre this evening.

On the right: "A scene from another world in M. Osherowitch's 'Stars in Heaven' (You will laugh!)": From the right: Michal Michalesko (David Kessler, at the Follies); Jennie Goldstein (There is no one other than Keni Lipzin.), Joseph Schoengold (at the production he will be Jacob P. Adler), Sam Gertler ( as Leon Blank). At the rehearsals Sam Kasten (as Sigmund Mogulesko) was missing, as well as Izidor Casher (as Joseph Barondess). Michalesko, who directed the comedy, holds a cigarette in his mouth as the photographer snaps the photograph.

They Will Conduct the Large Orchestra at the "Vacation Follies"

From the left: Yasha Fishberg, Sholom Secunda, Joseph Rumshinsky and Nicholas Zaslavski.


Stage Artists (who will participate in the successful production), in alphabetical order:

Benny Adler, Celia Adler, Sonia Alomis, Alexander Azro, Jacob Bergreen, Judah Bleich, Joseph Buloff, Izidore Casher, Judel Dubinsky, Itzik Feld, Samuel Gertler, Jennie Goldstein, Louis Goldsein, Max Henig, Anna Hollander, Isidore Hollander, Louis Hyman, Luba Kadison, Samuel Kasten, Ben Zion Katz, Isidore Lash, Aaron Lebedeff, Isidore Mandel, Michal Michalesko, Alexander Olshanetsky, Michael Rozumny, Michael Rosenberg, Isaac Rothblum, Shimen Ruskin, M.B. Samuylow, Joseph Schoengold, Morris Silberkasten, Abe Sincoff, Ida Singer, Reuben Wendorf and Max Wilner. Accompanist: Alexander Olshanetsky.


Prices of tickets $1 -- $1.50 -- $2 -- $2.50

The "Vacation Follies" sells out every year. You can now still receive the best seats.  Do not put it off until later, as it will be too late. -- Tickets can 
be acquired at the box-office of the theatre, and also in the "Forward" office. Reservations can also be made by telephone or through the mail.


Every cent of the income goes to the "Forward" Vacation Fund, which every summer sends hundreds of poor children for two weeks' vacation.





List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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