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The Forward Vacation Follies

August 25, 1937



Who is here to speak --

Today, Wednesday, The Follies!

The greatest, the most ridiculous, and the funniest "Vacation Follies" since we began!!

The program of the "Vacation Follies":

1. "The Revolt of the Novel Heroes"
a splendid, laugh scene by M. Osherowitch.

2. "A Father, Poor Thing"
an artistic comedy by Anton Chekhov, dramatized by Zalmen Zylbercweig.

3. "A Violin -- A Bargain"
a barrel of laughs, authored by B. Kovner.

4. "News from Palestine"
a seriously depicted scene that is played out in the office of a Yiddish newspaper, by Chaim Ehrenreich.

5. "The Glorious and Colossal Banquet"
in honor of the famous, unknown actor, Ben Zoftchik, with the participation of the most famous actor of the Yiddish Theatre. Speakers for the banquet: M. Osherowitch, B. Botwinik, Zalmen Zylbercweig, Chaim Ehrenreich, and Maurice Schwartz.

6. Master-of-ceremonies B. Vladeck.

7. Directors: Jacob Kalich and Izidor Casher.

Stage director: Mike Wilensky.


A concert with:

Lucrecia Saria, the famous soprano from the Chicago Opera Company.
Jan Peerce, the famous Jewish-American tenor.
Malvina Fried and Herman Shapiro, in a dance: Father Coughlin.
Yoichi Hiraoka, the famous Japanese xylophone player.


The artists who will participate in this wonderful program of the Vacation Follies are:


Adler, Celia  Kalich, Jacob
Adler, Emilia Lash, Isidore
Appel, Anna Lasky, Max
Baratoff, Ben Zwi  Laub, Anna
Ben-Ari, R. Lax, Abraham
Bergreen, Jacob  Lebedeff, Aaron 
Bialis, Rosetta Levenson, David
Birnbaum, Louis Levin, Lucy
Bleich, Judah  Michalesko, Michal
Bockshitzky, Louis Naomi, Leah
Bulman, Gertie Peerce, Jan
Buloff, Joseph Picon, Molly
Casher, Izidore  Popper, David
Cohan, Charles Prizant, Hymie 
Dank, David Rechtzeit, Seymour 
Dubinsky, Judel  Rosenberg, Michael
Ellstein, Abe Rosenblatt, Max
Filler, Sarah Rumshinsky, Joseph
Fiszon, Misha Samuylow, M.B.
Freiman, Flora Saria, Lucrecia
Fried, Malvina Satz, Ludwig
Friedlander, Max Schachter, Leon 
Gibson, Michal Schoenfeld, Mae
Goldberg, Nathan Schwartz, Maurice   
Goldberg, Rose Secunda, Sholom
Goldinburg, Samuel  Shapiro, Herman
Goldstein, Gustave Shuchatt, Isidore
Henig, Max Siegel, M.
Hiraoka, Yoichi Sincoff, Abe
Jacobs, Jacob Skulnik, Menasha
Jacobson, Irving Skulnik, Sarah
Kadison, Luba  

Tickets from 1 to 2 1/2 dollars.

Obtain tickets at the box-office of the theatre, or at the "Forward."

Everyone will come today to the Public Theatre.










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