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The Forward Vacation Follies

August 21, 1940


The 10th "Forward" "Vacation Follies"

The program that has become famous due to its humor, satire, kibitzing, and unending laughter.

This year it will be staged at the Yiddish Art Theatre (formerly the Public Theatre -- 2nd Avenue and 4th Street). Telephone: Gramercy 5-1808.

Wednesday evening, August 21st.

With the participation of:

Celia Adler, Anna Appel, Judah Bleich, Misha Boodkin, Judel Dubinsky, Misha Fiszon, Max Friedlander, Lucy German, Rubin Goldberg, Samuel Goldinburg, Al Harris, Hymie Jacobson, Ben Zion Katz, Morris Kenig, Miriam Kressyn, Abraham Lax, Leon Liebgold, Moishe Oysher, Jacob Rechtzeit, Michael Rosenberg, Celia Schneyer, Maurice Schwartz, Sholom Secunda, Herman Serotsky, Louis Weissberg, Simon Wolf, and Yetta Zwerling. Director: Osip Dymow.

With a rare program.


1. "The Red Effort Broke," by Chone Gottesfeld
Laughter from a crazy world, which the author shows in a crooked mirror.

2. "How to Make a Yiddish Talkie," by Osip Dymow
Oy, do they make them ...

3. "With Eyes of Passion," by Osip Dymow
Evil inclinations mixed with humor -- this rarely happens.

4. "The Magic Circle," by Osip Dymow"
A lesson for business. No extra charge.

5. "Radio Love," by Peretz Grossman"
You will roll over with laughter.
Maurice Schwartz will be the director of this number. Playing with Maurice Schwartz will be Samuel Goldinburg, Hymie Jacobson, Abraham Margolis and Dina Halpern.

6. "Do Not Cry, Young Boy," by Yosef Papiernikov.
Music by Sholem Secunda. Performed by the darling Moishe Oysher. The number will never be forgotten.

7. "Elsa Marquis," the Brazilian pianist, both the eyes and the ears will enjoy her.

8. Sholem Secunda's orchestra.

9. Benny and Betty Frank, the cloud dancer, who gives a "thrill" that you will not forget.

10. Rosemarie Brancato, the famous opera singer; she will be positive and will sing at the follies.


Three famous Broadway and movie stars, who now play in "Separate Rooms" at the Plymouth Theatre:
11. Alan Dinehart
12. Mozelle Brittonne
13. Lyle Talbot

14. Celia Adler -- five minutes of laughter, mixed with Adlerian charm.

15. Samuel Stoyner's chorus of forty singers in a "surprise" number.

16. Ben-Zion Witler -- "Oyf Kidush Hashem."

17. "His Baby's Father" -- performed by Anna Appel, Celia Boodkin and Michael Rosenberg.
Naughty, clever and piquant ...

Chairman: Alexander Kahn. Master-0f-Ceremonies: Maurice Schwartz.
(Don't forget the two prizes -- a week of free vacation at the Cherry Hill Hotel, Ellenville).

Tickets for $1.00 to $3.00 can be bought at the box-office of the Yiddish Art Theatre and the office of the "Forward."

The entire profit goes into the "Forward Vacation Fund," will will send poor children on a two-week vacation.

From the New York Times, August 22, 1940

Annual Show, Sponsored by the Forward, Given as a Benefit

The Forward Vacation Follies, an annual show given for the benefit of the Fresh Air Fund of the Jewish newspaper, The Forward, was presented last night at the Yiddish Art (formerly the Public) Theatre. There were sketches and monologues by Ossip Dymow and Chone Gottesfeld, which turned into pantomime, as the laughter of the audience drowned out half the lines.

Moishe Oysher, the actor-cantor, sang a new number by Sholom Secunda and with chorus, "God Bless America," while Rosemarie Brancato called on the classics to good purpose. A young Brazilian pianist, Elsa Marquis, made her debut on an impossible piano. Benny and Betty Fox performed their dancing, and as the clock was about to stretch both hands, Alan Dinehart, Lyle Talbot and Mozelle Britton were due down from "Separate Rooms." So was the tenor Jan Peerce.

Maurice Schwartz was master-of-ceremonies, until he got tangled up in a rowdy farce, "Radio Love," which also engaged the services of Samuel Goldinburg, Dina Halpern and Hymie Jacobson.

Celia Adler was in fine form in a monologue, "The Widow," and Michael Rosenberg, Judah Bleich, Yetta Zwerling, Louis Weissberg and others did their bit. There was a capacity house. -- W.S.







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