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The Forward Vacation Follies

August 20, 1941



A night of kibitz and satire

A night of laughter

A night of humor


Wednesday evening, 20 August 1941

in Yablokoff's large and airy Second Avenue Theatre,
on 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street, New York

This is not all! More and more will be prepared, over and over again!

At present, the following participants can be announced:

Benny Adler
Anna Appel
Max Badin
Morris Belavsky
Louis Birnbaum
Minnie Birnbaum
Helen Blay
Judah Bleich
Judel Dubinsky
Itzik Feld
Misha Fiszon
Lucy German
Misha German
Samuel Gertler
Samuel Goldinburg
Louis Goldstein
Sonia Gursky
Jacob Kalich
Isidore Lash
Paula Lubelsky
Annie Lubin
Michal Michalesko
Esther Neroslavska
Fraydele Oysher
Molly Picon
Jacob Rechtzeit
M.B. Samuylow
Zvi Scooler
Abraham Teitelbaum
Anna Toback
Liza Waron
Louis Weissberg
Anatol Winogradoff
David Yanover

Izidor Casher, main director

Alexander Olshanetsky, music leader

Jacob Kalich, director (of "Shmendrik's Birthday Party")

Abe Ellstein, music supervisor (of "Shmendrik's Birthday Party")

The income from the miraculous production goes to the "Forward" Vacation Fund.

Tickets: $1, $1.50, $2, $3

Tickets can be purchased at the box-office of the Second Avenue Theatre, and in the office of the "Forward."

This is not everything! We are preparing more and more!









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