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"Chave" and "The Crazy Idler"
(Khave) and (Der meshugener betln)


At sometime in the 1920s, on February 14, the "New Yiddish Folks Theatre of Philadelphia" appeared at the Garrick Theatre in Wilmington, Delaware in two plays, "Chave" by Peretz Hirshbein, and "The Crazy Idler" by I.L. Peretz.

The star was Baruch Lumet (His son was Sidney Lumet.) Also appearing were: David Benn, Gardik, Lichtman, William Spering, Hinde Gelbart, Fannie Faust, Rosie Nimelstein and Jenny Chess.

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Courtesy of the American Jewish Historical Society.

List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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