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"His Wife's Lover"
(Zayn vaybs lubovnik)


One of Ludwig Satz's more famous roles was played in "His Wife's Lover," which here was played at his Yiddish Folks Theatre in Lower Manhattan on 2nd Avenue and 12th Street.

This production opened on Monday evening, October 14th in 1929. It was written by Sheine Rokhl Simkoff.

The music was written by Abe Ellstein, and the lyrics were written by Boris Rosenthal. Dances were arranged by Charles Adler.

The cast included: Ludwig Satz, Sidney and Bertha Hart, Diana Goldberg, Leon Gold, Peter Graf, Harry Hochstein, David Lubritsky, Fannie Lubritsky, Joseph Shoengold, Chana Spector, Breine Broinstein, Rebecca Weintraub, Sholem Perlmutter and Regina Zuckerberg.

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Courtesy of the American Jewish Historical Society.

List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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