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menashE oppenheim returns with

CHEERFUL greetings from argentina

February 18, 1949

Menashe Oppenheim, who has gained a reputation among the American Jews with his records and his personal performances at concerts, last Saturday returned from his tour in Argentina. According to the local Yiddish newspapers, which arrived before him, one could see that his appearances in Buenos Aires and in the Argentinean province were a success.

Oppenheim was known in Argentina long before his arrival due to the large sales of his records there. And he personally did not disappoint the Jews. Moreover, he was not disappointed in them either. He speaks with the utmost warmth of their relation to Yiddish theatre.

Mainly he is excited about the Jewish youth who attend the Yiddish theatre and treats the Yiddish artist with great respect. Argentina -- Oppenheim tells it -- that is the Jewish Argentina -- has built a network of Yiddish schools that will attract a generation of intelligent, Jewish children.

In this large Teatro Soleil in Buenos Aires, Menashe Oppenheim has appeared in two productions: "Hi -- Gelebt!," and "Tsu a nayem idishn lebn! (To a New Jewish Life!)." The productions were given when the heat had begun in Argentina, and nevertheless Oppenheim, with the troupe of the theatre, played night-in, night-out to packed houses.

He also gave concerts, sang on the radio and made new records there. Incidentally, they permitted him to say several words on the radio in Yiddish -- a true event in a country where you can sing in foreign languages, but do not talk in them -- on the radio airwaves ... It's right there -- not over Menashe Oppenheim -- an overwhelming interest in the Land of Israel, mainly among the Jewish youth. At present they are in training, where they are preparing and learning trades and crafts for when they settle in Israel. And precisely the young boys and girls from affluent Jewish homes plan to settle in Israel and become land workers there. It's just amazing -- according to Oppenheim -- what an interest and a vibrant activity the good folks in Israel have raised in the ranks of the Jewish youths in Argentina.

Menashe Oppenheim plans to visit Europe and Israel -- he has been invited to come there -- and there he will give concerts. Incidentally, he must still return to South America, because a series of concerts is there waiting for him , indeed in Argentina and Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, and in a number of other countries, which he was unable to visit on his recent trip due to a lack of time.

It is to be hoped that New York and our own province will not neglect Oppenheim either. He is a fine artist -- one of our finest -- and we want to enjoy again his charm, his playfulness and his stage talent. We dare not allow our artists to be far from us for too long ...





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