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clara and boaz young return from

their long trip across europe

They tell interesting news about the
Yiddish theatre in the European countries.

April 10, 1931

Two notables returned to New York last week, of the Yiddish theatre world, the actress Clara Young, and her husband, the director and actor Boaz Young. They spent fifteen months on a tour across the main cities of Europe. They played in Warsaw, Lodz, Vilna, Riga, Kovno, Paris, London and other cities.

"It is true that in Europe the economic conditions are worse than in America," Mrs. Young explained to the "Forward" co-worker, "But in Europe the theatre is not only an amusement, but a necessity for the average person. There is just no exception that a worker should refuse a meal, and with the few groschens worry about getting a ticket to the theatre.

"The only theatre that lowered its ticket prices was constantly packed, unless the performances are so cheap that a European will not want to see it."

Mainly, Mrs. Young was enthusiastic about Paris. She believes  that there there is a ready field for a good Yiddish theatre troupe. There are over one hundred Jewish organizations in Paris. The organizations would be happy to support a first-class Yiddish theatre.

It is a pity that no one comes there with initiatives and energy and builds a genuine, Yiddish theatre. he doesn't want only to enrich the Jewish Paris with a beautiful, cultural institution, but also concerned about a good part of the world.

The Young's plan to remain in America and play theatre here. They brought back several new plays that they will stage here. They even want to travel to Romania to play theatre. However, they came home on Passover. And they are here, two prominent guests in the Yiddish theatre world.

Both are fresh and cheerful from their voyage, and both speak with enthusiasm about traveling, about the things they have seen, and the successes that they had. In Riga they played at the same time that Feodor Chaliapin sang there. For Chaliapin a ticket costs ten dollars, for Young -- three.

"And for both, both for Chaliapin, as well as for us, the theatres were oversold, -- Clara Young said, -- the newspapers picked this up as a big news story and wrote articles about this."







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