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Isidor Solotorefsky's
"The Three Brides"

(Di 3 kales)


McKinley Square Theatre
Bronx, New York

Standardized transliteration of the English title is "Di dray kales".

In this production the cast included Henrietta Jacobson, Mania Schlossberg, Anna Lillian, Leon Seidenberg, Leon Schechter, Nadia Dranova, Sally Josephson, Chaim Tauber, Max Lasky, Helen Blay and Charles Cohan.



The play, a comedy in four acts, was first staged on 23 January 1925 in New York City at the National Theatre and starred Leon Blank; music was by Peretz Sandler.

On the left, is a photograph (from the front of a postcard) of the three "brides" with the lead actor Leon Blank.

Above is the backing of the postcard, announcing the play. Perhaps these were available at the performance for attendees to send to family members, or maybe to others who might be on a mailing list, who might be interested in attending a future performance. Even though it seems as if the postcard wasn't send, it is addressed to actress Clara Rafalo at the Empire Theatre in Chicago, IL.

These two photographs come to you courtesy of the Yiddish Theatrical Alliance Archives.






Photograph courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York.

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