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Abe Ellstein and Isidore Friedman's


(Der emester bokher)

Second Avenue Theatre
New York, New York
Opened on October 13, 1948

The cast of the musical comedy "What a Guy!" included Menasha Skulnik, Yetta Zwerling, Anna Toback, Moishe Feder, Leon Liebgold, Lilly Lilliana, Max Rosenblatt, Jacob Sussanoff and Anna Winters. The play ran for sixteen weeks at the Second Avenue Theatre, then for two weeks on the road. At the end of April 1948 the production was scheduled to go back on the road again for ten weeks, starting at the Douglas Park Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

Menasha performed in many other plays in the Second Avenue Theatre over his career. Here is a list of just some of the productions he was in at this theatre between 1937 and 1949:
The Jolly Village
The Straw Soldier 
Men in White
Goldele, the Baker's Daughter
Live and Laugh
Be Happy
The Treasure
The Rich Uncle
Gimpel Takes a Bride
Lucky Days
My Friend Yossel
Good News
My Wedding Night
I'm in Love
Leave it to Me
Just My Luck
The Big Shot
Leave it to Charlie


Menasha Skulnik in "What a Guy!"

Photo, top by D. H. Simon, N. Y. Photo of Menasha Sklulnik by Rappoport Studio. Courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York.


Photograph courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York.

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