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"For the Sake of a Woman"
(Tsulib a froy)


At the Manhattan Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio, on March 1, 1935, there played "For the Sake of a Woman," or in Yiddish, "Tsulib a froy."

It starred Misha Fiszon, Sarah Gingold, Ben Gailing, Leon Weissman, Helen and Fay Bernardi, Emilia Adler, Boaz Young, Meyer Honigman, Misha Elman and H. Anniston.

At the top of the poster, another play was advertised, "The Jewish Heart," which played on February 26 as an "evening-of-honor" for two in the troupe, Fay and Helen Bernardi (mother and daughter). It should be noted that Fay had a few sons too, one of whom was the famed Herschel Bernardi.

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Courtesy of the American Jewish Historical Society.

List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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