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The Big Ads
Scenes, Types and Characters from the Big Yiddish Theatre Productions

From the early 1920s until the mid-1940s, the Yiddish theatre managers sometimes placed large full-page ads (sometimes two pages, other times maybe a half-page) in such Yiddish newspapers as the Forverts, or the Jewish Forward newspaper. Here you will see nearly four-dozen of those ads that were published from 1923 until right before the onset of the Great Depression in September 1929.

Because of the ad size, you will often be able to see the beautiful faces of the actors and actresses in their scenes, and you will be able to imagine them in their roles and see how they worked together on the Yiddish stage. What a treat!

You will be presented with the English translation of both the information in the ad, as well as translations of the many captions that lie below each photograph.

So welcome to the "Big Ads" exhibition, and enjoy the show!

Below are links to the various advertisements, along with the name of the theatre in which the play was performed.


  1. The Roumanian Wedding (National)

  2. A Mother's Sacrifice (Second Avenue)

  3. Yankele (Second Avenue)

  4. The Great Moment (Peoples)

  5. The Two Koonie Lemels (Yiddish Art)

  6. Tzipke (Second Avenue)

  7. Caucasian Love (National)

  8. Steel and Iron (Peoples)

  9. Schmendrick/Tzipke (Second Avenue)

  10. The Eternal Fools (Irving Place)

  11. Before the Wedding (National)

  12. The Girl of Today (Peoples)

  13. The Golden Soldier (Liberty)

  14. The Gypsy Girl (Second Avenue)

  15. The Gypsy Prince (Lenox)

  16. A Home For a Mother (Grand)

  17. The Jolly Cantor (Irving Place)

  18. The Witch (Yiddish Art)

  19. Lucky Boy (Irving Place)

  20. Molly Dolly (Second Avenue)

  21. Student Love (Liberty)

  22. The Only Way (Second Avenue)

  23. The 3 Brides (National)

  24. What Will People Say (Peoples)

  25. Wolves (Yiddish Art)

  26. The Chalk Circle (Yiddish Art)

  27. The Kid Mother (Second Avenue)

  28. The Little Devil (Second Avenue)

  29. Mashka (National)

  30. Siomka Becomes a Groom (Liberty)

  31. Stepmothers (National)

  32. A Woman of the World (Peoples)

  33. The Student Prince in Heidelberg (National)

  34. Volodka in Odessa (National)

  35. Without a Heart (Lipzin)

  36. In the Garden of Love (National)

  37. Grandpa's Sweetheart (Public)

  38. Greenberg's Daughters (Yiddish Art)

  39. The Jew From the South (National)

  40. Raizele (Second Avenue)

  41. Some Girl (Second Avenue)

  42. The Eternal Mother (Yiddish Folks)

  43. The Song of Love (Rolland)

  44. A Galician Wedding (Public)

  45. Senorita (Rolland)

  46. Hello Molly (Second Avenue)

  47. The Litwack Yankee (National)






List courtesy of YIVO (Yiddish Institute for Jewish Research).

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